Wood Fence Calgary

Wood Fence Types

With 27 years of service in the fence industry, there is virtually no style of wood fence we have not built. We specialize in, Cedar Fences, Pressure treated fences and Spruce fences.

Wood Fence Installation

All wood fence installations are done by first cementing the required posts into the ground, as the foundation of a durable and lasting finished product. We also tear down, haul and dispose of all old fencing and materials. We provide also Staining and Painting services for any Wood fence.

Over the years the #1 problem we have seen with many wood fence installations in the Calgary area is the lack of depth of cemented posts, leading to premature failure of the fence. We have many different machines and auger setups to insure your install is done properly. So for peace of mind on your next wood fence, why not give us a call.

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Other Fencing Options